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Thursday, 11 October 2018

Easy Diet Recipes, 70 Recipes. Ebook via digital download PDF available here

Now C$9.99 - Please note once order is confirmed via the high secured payment system through Google Store, you will receive the digital format download, and start reading. More than 5000 downloads sold already!


Download & click here for diet-recipes-70-recipes-by-jenny-cameron

This cooking recipe e-book should be easy to follow, as healthy-minded as possible. This diet recipes e-book is the First Edition and has a total of 70 recipes, which 2 are Tofu Recipes, 5 Breakfast, 7 Soups, 8 Salads, 20 Meat Recipes, 5 Rice, 5 Vegetables, 5 Spreads & Tapenade, 5 Vinaigrette & Sauces, 5 Desserts and 3 Lemonades & Shake. The most important part in this cooking manual are the spices and herbs. So, make sure to stock up on all these ingredients in your kitchen pantry ready. Before starting to follow any of the recipes below, please read on the topic of ‘Ways to eat better & achieve weight loss’ section. I hope you will enjoy cooking, enjoy your journey to healthy eating and that you achieve your weight loss goals, sensibly of course.