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Saturday, 13 February 2021

Genealogy ; bridging the gap, build your family tree, trace your ancestors, easy, fast and the cheap way.

Build your family tree, trace your ancestors the easy, fastest and cheapest way. Lots of professional expert level of helpful tips and hacks.

DNA Ancestry Search made super easy!

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Genealogy; bridging the gap' by Jenny Cameron

Genealogy; Bridging The Gap, Tracing your lineages, the cheapest, fastest, & easy way. 
By Jenny Cameron.

Reviews: “This sent chills down my spine as I do believe you have discovered the true roots of my maternal grandfather!!”
“You are so amazing with all the ancestry information you find out.”



Finding the right ‘MO’ (method of operation)

Structured MO






About the author  


This guidebook was written with the purpose to provide a workable methodology towards your need to ‘bridge the gap’ in genealogy research and, tracing back your ancestral family roots.

Just to introduce myself, a certified business analyst professional with an interest in the application of research, and ancestry history. So far, I have spent four years of my time navigating different websites, forums, and approaches to various platforms as my data mining processes. My main overall purpose throughout was to keep the financial costs down, my time invested over navigating around for data to a minimum possible, managing my time by bypassing any process waste time can consume, and how best to simplify the process along the way for a workable ease of obtaining knowledge ‘sourcing’. Here are my tips that I am passing along to you, I hope you will find this guidebook helpful and that it did serve the purpose to meet your needs of low cost, time saving, and adoption of a structed process with ease. Lets’ get started, but best get started after reading my guide in full here. 

Finding the right ‘MO’ (method of operation)

Adopting and using the right ‘MO’ from the start will help you trace, maintain and prioritize for the development of a solution throughout your journey and, when you must retire upon reaching a dead end.

Yes, that is right, you may reach a dead end, and I plan to help you NOT to have invested 80% of your time, to reach 20% of probability meeting your goal when instead you went down a rabbit hole, it can happen, I have been there, but not too often because I adopted the MO and stuck with it.

Perhaps you will retire from the process once the need is met.

Firstly, we need to have a shared understanding of what is a ‘need’? What are your needs throughout this journey? And always, always, refer back to this need as your ‘Bearings’ which I will explain further under the chapter Bearings.

A need is when you have a problem or an opportunity to be addressed. There is a requirement that you trace back your ancestry to further understand your identity, to connect with other distant relatives, or to respond to a need to complete your family tree, or to obtain value that is the importance or usefulness it may provide you.

The ‘journey’ is the process you will undertake as you navigate around your ‘Structured MO’, as you continue through the development of a solution and ends when a solution has presented itself.

The ‘Structured MO’ is a cycle of steps that I advise you to use, I will explain this further in the chapter Structured MO.